bottleFamily Operates Business the Old Fashioned Way

“Jogging in a Jug,” a pleasant tasting dietary supplement which is available in stores throughout the United States, was created in Cherokee, Alabama by retired dairy farmer Jack McWilliams, who has operated a farm in the Tennessee Valley region of northwest Alabama for many years. Because Jack and his wife, Rebecca, remained very close to the rural way of life, he was able to observe evolving changes in modern agriculture. Jack remembered that his grandparents, who farmed without the modern technology of tractors and chemicals, were firm believers in natural foods. On a regular basis, they drank a mixture of fruit juices and vinegar very similar to those contained in “Jogging in a Jug.”

In keeping with his family heritage, Jack decided to try a mixture of products from the orchard and vineyard similar to the one his grandparents enjoyed for many years. He invented a pleasant tasting dietary supplement which he began drinking on a regular basis. After much encouragement from friends and neighbors, Jack decided to market “Jogging in a Jug.”

“Jogging in a Jug” was introduced to the public in January of 1990 with only 18 bottles available… shelves of a local northwest Alabama grocery store. The acceptance of “Jogging in a Jug” then spread to central Tennessee and northeast Mississippi.

The public response to “Jogging in a Jug” was phenomenal and Jack and the McWilliams family were excited by the increasing consumer demand. After six months, Jack hired his son, Danny McWilliams, to manage the distribution of “Jogging in a Jug”. Danny’s business background was needed to help successfully establish the company. Word of mouth quickly spread about “Jogging in a Jug” and within two years, nearly 75 distributors were marketing the product. A toll-free number was established for customers to call for information and to place orders. Jack’s daughter, Susan M. Bolton, was also hired to direct advertising and marketing efforts.

The demand for “Jogging in a Jug” was so great at times that Jack and members of his family would work through-out the night to fill the incoming orders. Public demand continued to increase after various publications ran articles on the “Jogging in a Jug” product and the McWilliams family. In response, a mail order business was established to service individuals who could not purchase “Jogging in a Jug” in their local grocery store.

Due to the excessive amount of incoming calls and orders, the company quickly outgrew its original office facility. Third Option Laboratories, Inc. relocated in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. With this new office, Jack and Danny were able to expand the business even further. At this time, the mail order business was setting records each month. In 1993, the company obtained a new truck and hired David Wise as operator of this equipment. Chuck Bolton, Jack’s son-in-law, was also hired in 1993 to work in the office processing orders.

Today, Danny McWilliams, Jr. presides as CEO. His father, Danny, Sr., passed away in April 2000. He and Daniel Waldrep manage the day-to-day operations of Third Option Laboratories, Inc. More than 100 distributors and several thousand stores currently market “Jogging in a Jug.” Through the efforts of the McWilliams family and its outstanding employees and distributors, “Jogging in a Jug” can be found in stores all across the United States. The product is available in either a 64 ounce or 32 ounce bottle. Third Option Laboratories, Inc., is truly a family owned and operated business. “We pride ourselves in doing business the old fashioned way,” said Danny McWilliams, CEO/Treasurer. For generations, our family has believed in honesty, hard work, family and friends. Without those ingredients, the McWilliams family would not exist. The same hold true for our product, “Jogging in a Jug”. “We believe this is the best dietary supplement ever made. One could say it is natureĀ¹s own dietary supplement. You might want to try it, you just could like it.”