I am 57 and have had arthritis for a good many years. It is in my shoulders, hips, hands and feet. The doctors have had me on several medications that did not really help. I could not turn over in bed without the help of my wife. I heard about Jogging in a Jug and thought I would give it a try. I took 2 oz. a day for eight weeks and my arthritis has not gone but is 90% better. I plan to take my 2 oz. of Jogging in a Jug a day for the rest of my life. I feel very good. Thank you for your product!



Hephzibah, GA

Jogging in a Jug has conducted no scientific research regarding the benefits of Apple Cider, Vinegar, or Jogging in a Jug. There is no scientific evidence that Jogging in a Jug provides any health benefits. The distributors of Jogging in a Jug make no health related claims. The comments written above are taken verbatim from unsolicited letters from our customers. The comments or claims in the letters from our customers are solely the opinion of the individual customer who wrote the letter and have not been verified scientifically. The distributors of Jogging in a Jug are in no way verifying the validity of any claim or comment made by any customer in any letter.

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