Comments from our customers

“My cholesterol count was 272 I read an article about your product, Jogging in a Jug. I have been sipping on the drink ever since. After some time my cholesterol count dropped to 188. It made me a believer.”  R.M. Montgomery, AL

“I use to get up in the morning still tired, but now when I get up I am ready to start my day.”  V.F. Tuscumbia, AL

“My cholesterol dropped from 330 to 276. My doctor told me to keep doing what I am doing.” A.H. Rockwood, TN

“I fell and hurt my arm several years ago and it was hurting me so bad I could not sleep until I began drinking your juice, my arm has not bothered me since.”  V.K.  Huntsville, AL

“Your juice has helped to lower my mother’s cholesterol, thank you.”  J.C. Phil Campbell, AL

“Thank you for helping me to reduce my cholesterol count. I took the product for two weeks before I had a cholesterol test. My doctor was so pleased he wrote across my chart, “Call to congratulate her.” F.R.W. Canonsburg, PA

“I was stricken by a virus, after 6 weeks I was exhausted and could not work. I heard of your drink, after taking it for 6 weeks I am myself again and back to working 8-10 hours a day.”  E.L. Hamilton, AL

“My cholesterol count had been hovering around 235. I tried your product for 3 weeks and my doctor was pleased to inform me it had dropped to 200.”  P.H. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jogging in a Jug has conducted no scientific research regarding the benefits of Apple Cider, Vinegar, or Jogging in a Jug. There is no scientific evidence that Jogging in a Jug provides any health benefits. The distributors of Jogging in a Jug make no health related claims. The comments written above are taken verbatim from unsolicited letters from our customers. The comments or claims in the letters from our customers are solely the opinion of the individual customer who wrote the letter and have not been verified scientifically. The distributors of Jogging in a Jug are in no way verifying the validity of any claim or comment made by any customer in any letter.

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